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Bob Lemon - Debut Album Release

Bob Lemon - Debut Album Release


“Instructions Not Included” takes you on a journey inside the mind of Detroit-based producer Bob Lemon. With this debut 17-track album release, Bob Lemon unravels a unique electro-funk sound.

You can hear more about the album on his interview with Livingroom Dancefloor and his feature on EDM Identity

Bob Lemon ,  Xtasea  - Head Up

Bob Lemon, Xtasea - Head Up


“Head Up” is the newest single from Bob Lemon after the success of his debut album “Instructions Not Included”. Featuring powerhouse vocals from Happy Hardcore veteran Xtasea, the track is reminiscent of Blink 182’s catchy lyrics. 80s synths, atmospheric pads, and an absolutely banging drum kit — the track features top notch production with a positive lyrical message. Get your lighters out and sing along; “Head Up” is the perfect summertime anthem to jam out to.